Babies & Toddlers

Swimming with your baby or toddler is fun! It’s socially stimulating (for both you and your child) and an excellent way to bond. Swimming enables babies and toddlers to have free movement, giving them the opportunity to develop actions they wouldn't normally have experienced. Swimming also builds confidence, trust and communication skills.

Here are a few tips to help you and your child get the most from your visit:

  • We recommend that babies are at least 6 months old before introducing them to a public swimming pool
  • A properly supervised baby or toddler must be within arms reach at all times
  • Your child should wear swimwear that is tight fitting around the legs to help stop faecal matter (poo) from leaking into the pool
  • Regular nappies are not be used while your baby is swimming. Disposable and reusable swim nappies can be purchased from reception.
Bubble Babies

Our beginner level for babies programme working on water familiarization and water safety.

Target age: 6 - 12 months

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Extending on our water safety and starting to kick and paddle independently.

Target age: 12 months - 2 years

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Super Tots

The last level in our babies programme, learning to become fully independent in the water.

Target age: 2 - 3 years

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