Rules & Guidelines

The Makino Aquatic Centre (Makino) has put the following rules and guidelines in place to ensure every customer has an enjoyable experience at the Makino. It is important that a safe environment be maintained at all times for our customers.

  • The Makino is a 'Glass-Free' area - use plastic only
  • The Makino is a 'Smoke-Free' area inside and outside
  • A reasonable standard of behaviour is expected at all times to ensure a fun and safe environment
  • To prevent head and neck injuries, backward flips and bombs eg whippys are not permitted in any of the pools. Cannon balls, staples and any forward leaning entries are permitted.
  • Please be aware that you are responsible for your own valuables and personal belongings at all times. The Makino accepts no responsibility for any theft or loss of goods

Indoor Pools

  • No running
  • No bombing eg whippys, gorillas (cannon balls, staples, etc are allowed)
  • No swimming through the lanes. These are for lane swimmers only.
  • No sitting/leaning on the lane ropes
  • No sitting, standing or jumping is allowed from the wall that divides the ramp and the 25m pool
  • Competent swimmers 8 years of age and over are allowed in the play pool
  • Swimmers, not yet competent must either
    • Stay in the play pool
    • Stay in the shallow end of the 25m pool if sufficiently supervised
  • Children under the age of 8 years MUST be actively supervised at all times by a caregiver over the age of 16 years
  • No sitting, standing or jumping from the sides of the play pool


  • Only competent swimmers will be allowed on the inflatable. Competency is at the discretion of the lifeguards. The lifeguards will administer a swim test if you/they are unsure of your ability.

Outdoor Pools

When using the outdoor pools the same rules as the indoor pools apply with the addition of the following:

Diving Pool

  • When jumping from the 3m board you must swim straight to the ladder on your right
  • When jumping from the 1m board you must swim straight to the ladder on your left
  • Before jumping off the boards you must make sure there is no one below you in the water. You must then jump off straight in front of you, not to the side.
  • Only one person is permitted on the diving board at any one time
  • No sitting, standing or jumping off the sides of the diving pool

Lane and Pool Bookings

For all bookings (with the exception of a customer approaching the counter to book a lane there and then) the MAC Hire Booking Agreement form must be completed. Anyone wishing to make a booking must sign the agreement which ensures that they are also agreeing with MAC rules and guidelines. Booking enquiries and forms must be emailed to: Where possible we do request at least 1 weeks' notice for your booking, 2 weeks' notice if the booking requires a public closure announcement.

Please note Makino management reserves the right to approve or decline all lane and pool bookings.

All volunteers/helpers of coaching, teaching, instructing etc. of water based activities must be police vetted appropriately. This vetting certification must be presented if asked by a member of the management team.