Opening Hours

Please note bookings occur during open hours. Check What's On for details.

  • Monday:6am - 9pm
  • Tuesday:6am - 9pm
  • Wednesday:6am - 9pm
  • Thursday:6am - 9pm
  • Friday:6am - 9pm
  • Saturday:8am - 6pm
  • Sunday:8am - 6pm

Swim School Enrolments

To enroll for swimming lessons with the Makino Swim School, please fill in the form below.

One of our Aquatics Education Coordinators will be in touch with you once your enrolment has been received.


Enrolment Form - Makino Swim School

Enrol in the Makino Swim School

Enrolment Form - Makino Swim Squad

Enrol in the Makino Swim Squad

Re-Enrolment Form - Makino Swim School

Re-enrol in the Makino Swim School