Enrolment Form - Term 4 Lessons


Term Four Swim Lessons 2021 Staring Monday 18th October

Enrol for Term Four lessons with Makino Swim School

You will need to re-enrol for lessons each term. Please use the form below to enrol or re-enrol for Term Four swimming lessons with Makino Swim School. Enrolments are processed in date-received order.

For more information about lessons with the Makino Swim School, please phone us on (06) 323 5312 or email swim.school@mdc.govt.nz.

For Term 4 2021 enrolments, please enrol prior to Sunday 3 October 2021. Enrolments received after this date will be on a case by case basis.

You will receive confirmation of your lesson by email from Friday 8th October 2021.

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