Opening Hours

Please note bookings occur during open hours. Check What's On for details.

  • Monday:6am - 9pm
  • Tuesday:6am - 9pm
  • Wednesday:6am - 9pm
  • Thursday:6am - 9pm
  • Friday:6am - 9pm
  • Saturday:8am - 6pm
  • Sunday:8am - 6pm

Schools and Groups

School groups participating in the Sealord Swim for Life programme

The Makino Aquatic Centre can design a programme to suit your school or group in a range of aquatic activities:

  • School Swimming Lessons
  • Kayaking skills
  • Snorkelling skills
  • Water Safety
  • Flippaball
  • Inflatable fun – Hire one of the Makino’s inflatables for your end of term / year celebrations - Only $70 per hour - conditions apply.

For more information or to make a booking contact:
Bronwyn Mudford