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Aqua Fitness



(Aqua fitness timetable above applies from 26 January 2021 onwards)

Our Aqua Fitness timetable continues at Level 1. See here for more information about our Level 1 guidelines.

Aqua Fitness is an ideal way to improve the health of your heart and lungs and burn off some calories all without suffering wear and tear on your body.

The density of water means that it provides twelve times the resistance of air, making exercises from land twelve times harder in the water.

The resistance also means that opposing muscle groups are strengthened by pushing against the water.

Aqua Fitness strengthens and tones the body and improves flexibility without excess pressure on joints.

Exercising in the water is also a great way to relieve stress, as the water massages and cools the body, relaxing you while you exercise.

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For Your Safety and Enjoyment

Please complete and return the Pre-Screening Questionnaire to one of our Aqua Fitness instructors before your first class.

Click here to download the Pre-Screening Questionnaire, or pick one up at reception when you arrive.


The low impact nature of this class makes it perfect for those who need a less intense workout. Focusing on cardio and toning exercises.

Classes are in chest deep water. 45 mins    


A more intense workout. Focusing on muscular endurance and core strength. Improves fat loss, balance and  tones. Let’s burn off those calories.

Winter classes are in chest deep water, Summer classes are in the diving pool. 45 mins


A high intensity class using a Gymstick. Focusing on muscular endurance and core strength. Improves body control, balance and flexibility.

Class are in chest deep water. 45 mins

Max of 20 per class, bookings recommended.



A High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class with periods of recovery intervals that will give you a fun full body work out and leave you feeling energised and motivated. 

Class are in chest deep water. 45 mins


A class designed on floating exercise mats.  This class is a workout set to challenge your mind and improve your balance, flexibility and core strength. 

Classes may start on poolside then on mats above chest deep water. 45 mins

Max of 6 per class, bookings essential.


A fun, fast-paced cardio workout on a spin bike! This is an intense full-body workout which is gentle on your joints. Aqua Spin enhances blood circulation and burns calories.

Stationary bikes are submerged in the water, with participants partially submerged. Pedal using the resistance of the water.

Registration required - enrol now in our next block course! Aqua Spin is a 4 week block course, with classes held at the same day and same time each week. Spaces are limited!


A low impact class designed for injury recovery, improvement of balance and mobility.
A great start to get back into fitness.

Classes are in chest deep water. 45 mins