Opening Hours

Please note bookings occur during open hours. Check What's On for details.

  • Monday:6am - 9pm
  • Tuesday:6am - 9pm
  • Wednesday:6am - 9pm
  • Thursday:6am - 9pm
  • Friday:6am - 9pm
  • Saturday:8am - 6pm
  • Sunday:8am - 6pm


Font resizing

You can resize the fonts by either using the mouse or the keyboard

If you want to use the mouse, click on AA, which can be found at the top of the page.


There are common keyboard shortcuts that can make text bigger within your browser:

Internet Explorer

  1. Open the View menu (ALT + V).
  2. Select Text Size (X).
  3. In the Text Size list, move to the text size option using the UP or DOWN ARROW key.
  4. Press ENTER.

Alternatively, you can resize the screen size by changing the Zoom at the bottom right-hand corner of IE.

Mozilla Firefox

Increase font size by pressing CTRL +

Reduce font size by pressing CTRL –