Opening Hours

Please note bookings occur during open hours. Check What's On for details.

  • Monday:6am - 9pm
  • Tuesday:6am - 9pm
  • Wednesday:6am - 9pm
  • Thursday:6am - 9pm
  • Friday:6am - 9pm
  • Saturday:8am - 6pm
  • Sunday:8am - 6pm

Become a Member

New System in Place

We have updated our Centre Management System and are entering the electronic age.

Please bear with our Aquatics Experience Team as we learn the ropes of our new Centre Management System.


If you are a Concession Card user, these will be replaced with electronic cards associated to your member number, and in a months’ time you will receive your unique member number card.  This single card will hold all your concession cards/memberships on it (eg swimming, aqua fitness, swim school, canoe polo, etc).

We do require you to sign up to become a member, please fill in the membership form below.

Changes you will see:

  • Concession cards will become a thing of the past
  • Members will have a single use card for all memberships
  • Turnstiles coming in the new year
  • Online transactions coming in the new year (including swim school and memberships)
  • All transactions can be recorded under your member number to enable promotions

Open the calendar popup.
Gender *

By providing a mobile phone number, you agree to be contacted via text message (eg for specials, alerts, etc)

By providing an email address you agree to be contacted via email (eg newsletters, specials, etc).

Once you are a member, all transactions (including purchases) require your member number (or card) to keep a history on your profile. This enables us to track your purchases and provide you with appropriate promotions.

Profile photo will be added to your member profile (optional)

Memberships are concession card purchases. The duration of your membership is the number of visits on your concession card.

As per the Fees and Charges, all concession cards (memberships) are valid for 12 months from date of purchase

You are responsible for your membership and its use is at your discretion.

We encourage all members to hold their own memberships, eg 10 child pass on each child's member profile, rather than a 10 child pass on the adult's member profile.

You must report to reception for all visits

Once you receive your member card, any lost cards must be reported to reception immediately in order to deactivate your card

Existing concession cards must be handed in to reception between 20 September 2016 and 31 December 2016. All remaining 'clips' will be credited to your account.

By submitting this form, you agree to the above conditions.