Our Story

The Makino Aquatic Centre is an important and popular community facility, providing access to pool and recreation space for the Manawatu Community for over 40 years.

Our story to goes something like this:



The Makino Aquatic Centre has grown significantly since its opening as an outdoor pool complex in 1972.



With the huge support of the community, in 1992 the indoor pool complex was added to the Makino complex, providing the ability to swim all year round.



The upgrade of the Makino was first proposed as part of a ‘Leisureville’ concept in 2005 which included the Feilding Library, Makino Park.



In 2010, the Makino redevelopment was prioritised as a project for Council.



Manawatu District's population has grown to 28,800 since the construction of the 1992 complex, placing increasing demand on pool facilities.



In 2012, extensive community engagement and consultation was undertaken with Manawatu residents on the Makino redevelopment.



Over 4,000 community members were involved in the schools dream design project, Council submissions, Makino Focus Group, email panel, survey responses and engagement and consultation meetings to define the scope of this redevelopment project.



We provide over 2,500 classes annually. After the redevelopment we expect to provide more than 6,000 classes annually.



Over 130,000 people enjoy our facilities each year. That's an average of 356 visitors every day of the year.



Once completed, the new facilities will provide more access, more programmes and more experiences.